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NEW ADDRESSFelco Australia Pty Ltd23 Manton RoadOakleigh South Victoria 3167 AustraliaPhone: +613 9544 6976 Fax +613 9544
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Make your selection to find a sales outlet. Before you go to the shop, we advise you to call ahead and find out if the product you want is available.

 Hand Pruning tools Reseller - FOR HOME USE
 Hand Pruning tools Reseller - FOR TRADESMEN AND GROWERS
 Hand pruning tools - INTERNET and MAIL ORDER resellers
 Pneumatic Pruning Tools Resellers
 Cable and Wire Cutters Resellers
 Electric Pruning Tools Resellers

Please note that not all outlets will have Felco stock on hand at all times. Since our products are ranged by the major central warehouses and distributors, your local retailer will have easy access to them. You will find Felco pruning tools in the following retail outlets:
  • - Bunnings warehouses - Mitre10 Mega Stores - Other Mitre 10 Stores - Thrifty Link - Home Hardware - Plants Plus Nurseries - Makit (WA) - Hugall & Hoile (WA) - Independent Nurseries - Independent Hardware Businesses - Mower Shops